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Cloud optimized Ubuntu 16.04 LTS images available


We have created a highly optimized cloud template based on Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS that makes full use of all cloud features while offering maximum performance and already has all updates and patches included. Check out the new template available for VM instance deployments, the name is "Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS", the default volume-size is 8GB. Direct root login is disabled, please use either ...

Cloud Integration Updated


We have upgraded the Cloud integration into our control panel so that from now on the following actions are possible directly from the control panel without resorting to the API or advanced interface: - added option to resize vm root disk - added option to define root disk for single vm - added option to enable root disk customization for cloud hosting

Windows Cloud Servers: Do Not Install the SuSE Drivers


Since the 8th of December 2015 new VirtIO drivers from SuSE show up in the Windows Update as an optional update. Please do not install those drivers as the Cloud Servers will crash and not boot up correctly (BSOD). Please keep the default drivers or if you really wish install only the RedHat certified VirtIO drivers on Windows Cloud servers to avoid service disruption and potential data loss.