Machine Unresponsive and not pinging?


Windows machines will not respond to ICMP requests by default unless enabled. If you find that your server becomes unresponsive there are a number of tools available to you through your server24 control panel. On the virtual machine overview page, an emergency console is available to allow you to connect in through a KVM style java applet to view the contents of the server console, even when the machine is unreachable from the internet, the console allows you to identify any onscreen errors and to monitor the booting/rebooting progress of your cloud server. If a server is completely unresponsive you can Reboot the server through the virtual machine overview page, once initiated you can use the emergency console to monitor the booting progress of the machine. When clicking reboot, start, or stop please allow 5-10 minutes for the machine to fully restart and for the necessary services installed to start normally.

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