Welcome to the Server24 IaaS Cloud


CloudStack upgraded to version 4.11.2 LTS


CloudStack has been upgraded to version 4.11.2 LTS on all of our cloud clusters.

New Ubuntu 18.04.1 build 20180802


We have just completed and published a new Ubuntu Linux 18.04.1 image (build 20180802) that is immediately available on our cloud (18 locations worldwide!).

WP-CLI Available on all Linux Shared Hosting Packages and Managed Servers


We have installed and activated WP-CLI on al web hosting and managed servers. With this tool that is to be invoked directly on the command line interface (CLI) you can managed WordPress and the WordPress database directly from the shell, e.g. to create a database backup you would issue the following command: wp db export backup-before-search-replace.sql To perform a search and replace you could ...