News: Intermittent routing and connectivity issues from different networks

Published: 04/08/2017

After the connectivity issues in the data center #1 that started Aug 2nd at approx. 01:15 AM, our technicians have rebooted one of the core routers in that data center. After the reboot the router did not come up and was failed over to the second core router. That router also experienced the exact same failure and therefore we had to switch to an emergency solution using an alternative router and fibers.

This temporary solution is sufficient to keep us online, but we do not have the same flexibility when it comes to routing design and carriers as we had before. We have received a number of notifications from customers about packet loss and connectivity issues from different networks around the world.

While the bulk of those issues has been solved also with the help of partners and carriers, we are still experiencing intermittent connectivity issues from some networks, specifically packet loss above our normal thresholds.

Currently we are inspecting all reports and trying to mitigate the issues while at the same time working on bringing our core routers online again.

As soon as we have a confirmed ETA we will post an update.

Thomas Moroder