News: Highly optimized Windows Server 2012R2 Cloud templates available

Published: 03/04/2015

We have create a highly optimized cloud template based on Windows Server 2012R2 that makes full use of all cloud features while offering maximum performance and already has all the Windows updates and patches included.

Check out the new template available for the VM instance deployment, the name is "Win 2012R2 Srv (Full/GUI/60GB) build v1.0.3 2015040303" and we suggest all customers use this template as a default for Windows images (if Windows 2012 is an option!).

The default disk size is 60GB, we would suggest to not create a smaller deployment as the system itself (incl. special partitions and some swap) already needs approx. 44GB of storage. This cloud optimized template is also compeletely ready for live scaling of ressources on the fly.